About Us

MobiCity is a well-established, global brand specialising in the sale of unlocked mobile phones, accessories and mobile telecommunications products.

We sell discounted, hard-to-find, exclusive and first-to-market devices to a wide range of retail customers, corporate organisations, wholesalers and resellers worldwide.

In New Zealand, our products can be found through our website www.MobiCity.co.nz, which is custom built for the New Zealand market and supported by Kiwis. In Australia, our products can be found through our website www.MobiCity.com.au and in the UK through www.MobiCity.co.uk, both of which are custom built for their local markets and supported by local staff.

All MobiCity products come with extensive local warranties and are backed by local warranty provider AWS. 

Stock is sourced from around the world according to quality, value and availability and sent from our warehouses in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA direct to the end user through fast and reliable courier services that offer live tracking.

Key facts: Contact information

Key facts: Company

  • Company Name: Glotech Services Ltd
  • Country of Registration: Hong Kong
  • Australian Launch: March 2008
  • New Zealand Launch: August 2010
  • UK Launch: December 2011
  • New Zealand Website Rank Australia: 1,403 (As of 27th October 2012)
  • Australian Website Rank Australia: 428 (As of 27th October 2012)

 Key facts: Products and services

  • All handsets purchased from MobiCity come with local sales, support, care and warranty services.
  • Our products and services are backed by the MobiCity satisfaction guarantee.
  • MobiCity sells original devices from top manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, Apple, Acer, & Asus.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all mobile products are unlocked for use on any GSM network.
  • Along with a 12-month warranty, most MobiCity products also come with a car charger, screen protector or case, free of charge.

 Key facts: Customers

  • More than 80,000 customers in Australia, 10,000 in NZ and 2,000 customer in UK/Europe have purchased their new mobile phone through MobiCity.
  • In excess of 120,000 mobile device in use today have been supplied by MobiCity.
  • We make customer service our highest priority and as a result customer satisfaction levels are exceptionally high.
  • Over 91% of customers rate their buying experience as 4/5 or higher, from over 20,000 reviews.
  • We encourage you to become our next customer and welcome your feedback on how we can improve your buying experience at any time.